Window Blinds

11 July 2023

There are a number of different window treatments to choose from like shades, blinds, curtains, and draperies. Each is perfect in its own way for the style of your home and can be used in various ways in different rooms.

Blinds are popular because they provide degrees of light to enter the room. They can be fully open, fully closed, or tilted. There is flexibility regarding privacy. They come in a number of different materials to coordinate with your décor. They are certainly affordable and easy to maintain. Many come with features like cordless operation, which will reduce the chance of tangling as well as function as a safety feature with children and pets.


These are horizontal slats constructed from metal, wood, or plastic. They tilt to adjust the amount of light. They are the most popular and have been available for decades.

Mini and Micro

Basically a Venetian blind, these are shorter and the slats are not as wide. They come in metal or plastic.


Frequently seen on glass doors, like those leading to a patio, these are slats that hang perpendicular rather than parallel to the floor. The louvers or slats can also be adjusted to tilt open or slightly ajar. When retracted completely they will store to one side. Hint, first install the track on your ceiling and then measure the length of the blinds. The orientation of the slats will make the room feel larger, are less expensive than traditional blinds, and are easier to repair.


Similarly, panels also hang vertically but don’t tilt and can do double duty as a room divider as well as a window treatment.


These are more like internal shutters. They are wooden, slatted blinds that are framed and drilled into the window sill or a door frame. They can be tilted but not raised or lowered.


These are generally made from bamboo and are rounded instead of a more flat slat. They are bound together and do not tilt. They will raise or lower however.


Most blinds are stacked slats but rolling blinds are on a spool at the top of the window. They are particularly effective as insulation from the outdoor temperature and elements.


These are specifically designed for the exterior of a home. The slats are closer together than interior blinds and made of materials to withstand various precipitations, heat. and cold.


Made from spun polyester, the fabric forms a honeycomb design and are available in double and triple versions. They are particularly good at maintaining an interior temperature.


As mentioned earlier, blinds come in a variety of materials but manufacturers also offer some other options that can be very helpful or at least fun.

  • Motorized – Like it sounds, this doesn’t need manual adjustment but are operated by a motor. They can be controlled with a remote, voice, or through an app. They are greatly beneficial for those with a disability or for hard to reach areas like skylights. They are also nice if you travel and want to make your place appear inhabited when you are on the road.
  • Top Down Bottom Up – These are designed to provide a choice of direction in the way they are lowered or raised. They are particularly nice for areas where you want some privacy like a bath or front window but still want to allow some light.

So, if you are considering some changes in your window treatments, this should give you a good place to start.

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