1February 2023

Baking in an Air Fryer

Many people don’t realize that their air fryer is great for a lot more than...

1February 2023

Planning a Super Bowl Party

Super bowl means football, fun, food, and friends.  All of this adds up to a...

1February 2023

Winter Bird Watching

In the Finger Lakes area there are a number of bird species that do not...


24January 2023


Nutmeg is a spice that is a seed from a tree native to the Moluccas,...


24January 2023

Choosing a Hobby

You have decided to take up a new hobby. It could be a new year’s...


24January 2023


Just as each month has an assigned birthstone, there are also flowers that are attributed...

18January 2023


Take hulled sesame seeds, toast, and grind them into a paste and you have a...


18January 2023

Household Organization Roadblocks

It’s a new year and one of your goals is to get your home organized. ...


18January 2023

Watchman Cardiac Implant

Atrial Fibrillation or A-Fib is an irregular heartbeat, usually rapid. The upper chambers of the...

Healthy meals

10January 2023

Heart Healthy Meals

Keeping your heart healthy is extremely important.  One of the best ways is through a...

quitting job, quiet, quit

10January 2023

Quiet Quitting

We have all seen the movies, and probably known the people, where the workaholic focuses...

garnet, birthstone, stone, gemstone, gem

10January 2023

January Birthstone

The idea of a birthstone comes from a biblical reference in Exodus where Aaron wore...

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