Valentine Roses Care

9 February 2022

One of the most popular days for sending flowers is Valentine’s Day (February 14).  In order to extend the life of these blooms as long as possible, you might want to read further.


Keep the vase full or the floral foam soaked.  When you add water, make sure it is warm (not hot) so the flowers can absorb it better.  If the water looks cloudy, replace it immediately.  Use the preservative that comes in the little packet.


Warmer temperatures will make your flowers lose their blooms sooner and dry out.  Keeping them away from direct sun, vents, ceiling fans moving warm air, or appliances that emit heat like computers will extend the life of your bouquet.

Loose Flowers

If you receive loose flowers, fill a clean vase with water and add the floral preservative per the instructions.  Remove all the leaves that will be below the water line.  Leaves in water tend to grow bacteria, which is not only yucky but will shorten the life of the flowers.  Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the flower stems under water.  Using a sharp knife will prevent mis-cuts and damaging the stem.  Cutting under water means the new exposed area of the stem will immediately start absorbing water and not air.


Potted Plants

Depending on the type of plant, you can expect these to last longer than cut flowers.  Flowering plants like azaleas, cyclamen, and kalanchoes can survive up to four weeks.  Most will last between a few days and several weeks.

Not all growers use top quality potting soil.  If the medium looks hard and unforgiving, it may be a good idea to carefully re-pot it in a clean pot using reliable potting soil.

Keep the soil moist.  That means sticking your finger in the soil to see if it is dry.  Do this daily.  Don’t let the plants stand in water because that can lead to root rot.


If you notice some wilting, remove the stem from the water and re-cut it.  Submerge the entire flower and stem in warm water and leave it for an hour or two.  This can extend your roses or other flowers for an extra day or two.

In both Eastern and Western cultures, red roses are linked to romance through myth and legends.  In the Victorian era the giving and receiving flowers became an obsession and different flowers conveyed different emotions and messages.  Red roses represented passionate, intimate love.  Bright red symbolized romance but burgundy and crimson meant undying love.  Rose buds refers to the early stages of love where it is just beginning.

The number of roses also has significance:

  • 1 = Love at first sight or you are still the one.
  • 2 = Mutual affection
  • 3 = “I love you”
  • 6 = Infatuation or desire
  • 10 = Perfect love and romance
  • 11 = True and deep love
  • 12 = “Be mine”
  • 15 = Apology
  • 24 = “I am yours”
  • 36 = Head over heals love
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