Unusual Holiday Wreaths

6 December 2022

It is quite enjoyable to drive around and see the cheery wreaths on exterior doors in the neighborhood. If you are in the mood for something a bit different, keep reading. Many of these ideas are fairly easy to accomplish, even if you are less than adept at crafting.

Pine cones and acorns are fun especially if you color them with metalic paint. Double check the prices, but it could be less expensive to pick up a can of paint in the hardware section rather than at a craft store. Use a store-bought wreath base and hot glue gun and after you have arranged the pine cones, acorns, and whatnot, and you can have a wreath that will take you into the new year. P.S. Add some glitter for real fun.

While you are in the big box hardware store, go to the area with the ceiling fans. There you will find large medallions that are designed to affix to the ceiling to cover up the botches when the fan and light fixture was hung. These are made of polystyrene and look rather ornate. That means you only need to spray paint them and add a ribbon for tying and you are set.

Inside use only are wreaths constructed from shapes cut from paper or construction paper and then glued in place. They can be delicate or bold in color depending you your décor and personal taste. There are a number of online videos that will show you just how it is done. Place it near a shelf where you have taken a book and folded the pages to create your own 3-D shape. Guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

String lights are available everywhere including online at very reasonable prices. Go for the LEDs which will get you more for your money in longevity and energy usage. Incorporate single or multi-colored strands into your wreaths. Go with a battery-operated variety and you can make your wreath a centerpiece just as easy as that.

If you would rather start with something that is pre-made, that is perfectly fine. Add your own touches with eucalyptus, thistle, or other dried florals. Potpourri boxes often include flowers or pine cones, etc. that are scented. Include them along with cinnamon sticks, dried citrus slices, star anise and you can enjoy some aroma therapy in the bargain.

If the kids want to join in the crafting area, give them a wreath form and a bag full of pre-formed bows. Let them peel off the backs of the bows and use the sticky ends to hold onto the form.

A little more complex but more unusual is to hang a smaller twig wreath on top of a larger one. Make a top hat out of felt. Use a couple of sticks from the yard for arms. Add a bow and hanging jingle bells where the two wreaths meet. A sturdy piece of twine and you have a snowman to put on your front door or to liven up your living area.

Instead of a round decoration, hang some greens with a ribbon and create a swag. Put a pine cone at the end of a festive piece of ribbon; repeat a couple of times; join the ribbons at the top, creating different lengths and you have your own swag. Invert a Santa’s hat and fill it holly, berries, or mistletoe and hang that as a greeting. This will also work with mittens.

Let your creativity be your guide and enjoy the holiday season.

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