Spring Decorating Ideas

10 April 2024

We have come through the spring equinox, Holi, Purim, Easter, and are almost at Eid-al-Fitr. Spring cleaning is over and that means it is time for freshening up the inside and outside with some new décor.


Start small but move from neutrals to some brighter shades. Layering accessories is a great beginning. It is also an inexpensive way to see what you can live with for a while or what just doesn’t work with your own tastes. It is also considerably easier than painting an entire room.

Floral pillows are always fun this time of year. If you like the size and shape of the pillows you have, think about just replacing the covers.


Now that all the Christmas season decorations are put away, string some colorful beads where the swag of garland was. Swap out photos for some others that are more seasonal. Find some fresh knick knacks to liven things up.

Planters and Vases

As you start to bring in flowers from your cutting garden, instead of the clear vases you always use, consider picking up some new ones from flea markets, thrift stores, or antique places. Something like a stone or terracotta, whatever will go with your current color scheme and will play well with your flowers.

If you still want a clear container, use a wine glass with a short-stemmed flower. This also makes a nice place card for dinner.

Another option is a vase that is metallic and will reflect the surface. So if you place it on a multi-colored tablescape or a serving tray, you will have all the colors bouncing back.

If you want something a bit different, try an arrangement of fruit. Lemons, oranges, limes, even avocados in a bowl or on a platter will make a nice centerpiece that you can enjoy later on. Your guests will be impressed.

Dried flowers are easy to make. Hang roses, carnations, or herbs upside-down for a few days. Make sure they get good ventilation. When ready, scotch tape them to a child’s bedroom wall in an interesting pattern.

Outdoors or inside, create a succulent wall. With colorful pots, cactus potting soil, some hardware, and a variety of succulents, you can have an easy to care for wall treatment.

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Drawer Pulls and Other Hardware

If you want to give your kitchen, bath, or even bedroom a bit of an update or color enhancement, think about replacing the knobs and pulls with something more playful or updated.

Framed Pieces

If you are at a loss for something unique to frame and display as artwork, think about silk scarves. Several decades ago, these were very popular. If you, or a more mature relative or friend, don’t have any available, try an estate sale or thrift shop or two. Many were designer labels and from the 60s and 70s quite colorful.

From squares to oblong, you can easily fan fold or bunch in some interesting fashion and simply use a coordinating colored stick pin onto a white poster board or go all the way and put them under glass in a fancy frame.

They can make a beautiful statement. Put them in almost any room. In fact, if you cover them with glass in the framing, they can even go in the kitchen or bath.

Front Entrance

Of course, you have thought of changing your front door wreath, but have you thought about the color of your door? Updating the front door with a new coat of paint is fairly easy and gives a whole new look to greet your guests.

Remember to swap out some of the front porch decorations as well.

While all of this is going on, start some small pots of annuals from seed that you can transplant into large urns to go in front of your garage doors or on the front porch. Mark your calendars for plant sales.

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