Spring Activities

17 April 2024

After the long winter, it is nice to experience springtime in the Finger Lakes area.  While there are many things to do in this playground, there are some jaunts and activities that you can do in your own neighborhood as well.

Scavenger Hunt

Similar to the Easter egg hunt, adults and children both can explore a park, around the block, or your own backyard for items.  Make sure each person gets a different list so they can’t just follow each other around.  Work in pairs, teams, or solo.  You can have them bring in the items or, better yet, just take photos as proof of location.  Think birds, trees, flowers, certain shrubs, etc., or how many different items but in the same color.

Fly a Kite

Pick an open area on a nice, sunny, windy day and fly a kite, either store bought or one you made yourself.

When the kids have tired of the activity, spread a blanket and look up at the clouds.  Watch them shift and name the animal shaped by the puffs of white.

Include a picnic and you are all set for a day-long adventure.

Talent Show

Think vintage movies with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.  “Hey, guys.  Let’s put on a show!”  Host a talent show with family members, friends, or others.  Adults and children are welcome to show off.  Just keep each bit to a maximum of five minutes, even if they are very good.  Bring snacks to share and you have an instant party.

Try for a Half-Day Trip

We are all familiar with a day trip, but shorten it so that you can still keep up with your work or other responsibilities.  Pile into the car and have lunch or dinner in a nearby town that you enjoy but just don’t seem to frequent much.

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Do a little pre-planning and the venture will be more enjoyable.  Try these ideas:

  • Reusable shopping bags – Especially those that fold down to about the size of a coin purse and are machine washable. Great for that unexpected bargain.
  • Cooler – Keep water bottles, fruit, sandwiches, etc. in an insulated container.
  • Hand sanitizer holder – These days hand sanitizers are with us everywhere. Instead of digging in pockets or purses for the travel size, spring for a holder to accommodate your sanitizer container.  Some clip on headrests, doors, etc. for easy access for you or your passengers.
  • Organizer – Backseat organizers are often handy.
  • First aid kit – When was the last time you checked your first aid supplies in the car (or at home for that matter)? Antiseptics, antibiotic creams, and other substances have expiration dates. Band aid strips can lose their grip over time.
  • Car seat hooks – There are devices that will allow you to put your purse or anything with a handle on a hook that will allow back seats a little extra leg room and make spills less likely.
  • Dog travel bowl – If your plans involve taking Fido along, invest in a portable dog food bowl that will work for water or food. The bowls have tapered lips to reduce splashing, dishwasher safe, and warrantied.


Painting rocks can be a great diversion for children as well as adults.

Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder can be as easy as finding a pine cone and then spooning peanut butter on the projected cones and then rolling it in bird seed.  Hang it in the tree or on the side of your porch and you are done.  If you are more ambitious, you can pick up a kit or watch some videos on how to build your own.  This is a great parent-child project.  Hummingbirds should be sending out their scouts any day now.  Clean the old feeder and make some fresh food.

Cardboard Boxes

Another project that might take a little research is turning cardboard boxes into toys.

  • Doll house – A series of boxes stacked together can become a single house with multiple rooms or an apartment building.
  • Minecraft – Turn an ordinary box into a minecraft icon and let your kids go crazy.
  • Store – Similar to an apartment complex, this can become shelves or drawers to fill with rocks, mud pies, or other items of interest.
  • Vehicles – From cars to airplanes, there are easy instructions available.
  • Easel – Two pieces of cardboard, or a single one bent in the middle will allow a stand to stick some construction paper and let your kids have a go at becoming the next Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock.

When all else fails, try water balloons.

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