Reversing a Bad Mood

3 April 2024

Everyone runs the gamut of emotions.  Occasionally we end up in a bad mood.  No one really wants to be around us and we would sure like to make ourselves feel better.  One way is to realize the cause of this snit.

Sleep Deprivation

Getting good rest recharges the body and mind.  While you may think you can function well on only a few hours sleep each night, that may actually be the reverse.  Lack of good sleep can build into irritability and even aggression.  If you think this might be why you are grumpy, try

  • Shoot for seven to nine hours of sleep per night.
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Turn off lights, television, and devices.  Keep your phone face down.  Keep the blinds closed and go for black-out curtains if necessary.
  • Try to alleviate sound. Try a face mask and/or ear plugs.

If you are still having difficulty, check with your primary medical group.  You may have some other condition that is preventing you from a restful night.  The may recommend a sleep study.

Need Food

“Hangry-ness” is a real thing.  If blood glucose levels drop, the brain will release adrenaline and cortisol.  These are stress hormones and as they move into the bloodstream, you will become more nervous and agitated.  Then you start sniping.

  • Instead of shooting for three full meals a day, try five or six smaller, but balanced meals. This can keep your blood sugar at a more even level throughout the day.
  • Look toward healthier options like fruits or vegetables. Opt for leaner meats.  Look at whole grains.  Avoid processed foods, fast foods, and generally, the delicious but so innutritious, junk foods.



We all need a jolt of something to get ourselves moving in the morning.  However, overdoing it is not good for the body.  And then, when you try to greatly reduce or eliminate the stimulant, you are left with the same kind of jitteriness plus a headache.

As stress builds during the day, for whatever reason, our body and mind start to crave some sort of comfort.  Often this is in the form of a hot drink.  We grab a quick cup of coffee to soothe ourselves.  This will only tend to increase the heart rate and send you swirling.  Try decaf instead.  Yes, it is like kissing your sister, but it may help.  Try an herbal tea.

The experts recommend no more than four cups of brewed coffee a day and less if possible.  Realize that not everyone is the same and some people may be more sensitive to caffeine than others and you may need to adjust that amount downward.

Medical Disorder

When you don’t feel well, you are likely to be more critcal and snarky.  This can be a physical condition or an emotional issue like depression or other mood disorder.  Especially if there is a loss of interest in favorite activities or a change in eating habits, it is important to check in with your medical team.  It is more likely that others, like a family member or close friend, will realize this change before you do.

Everyone experiences being off kilter every once in a while.  The trick is to recognize it and find a solution, particularly if it seems to be going on for a while.   This document should give you some good tips on what to look for and possible corrections.  Don’t hesitate to discuss this with your primary care providers who may be able to discover a cause through blood tests or other procedures.


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