Personal Growth

28 September 2022

Now that the weather is cooler it seems like you can actually think about things. Remember those Resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? Do you still have them? It is never too late to consider your own personal growth. The third quarter of the year is also when employers frequently do performance reviews that will tie into next year. If you work on personal growth now, you will have something to say when you are asked about professional goals for the next year.

Back to those New Year’s Resolutions. If you didn’t hit any marks, maybe you at least made progress. Goals change with circumstances, age, and other factors that influence who you are becoming…at any age. Skills and experiences constantly help us evolve into a new version of ourselves. Having a concrete plan in writing can help you achieve the results you would like.

Start by thinking about your goals. Not what business or entertainment tells you is success, but what actually will make you happy and satisfied. You need to determine what is important to you and no one else. This can include listing the activities that bring joy, that induce stress, and changes you would like to make to your lifestyle.

Some of the areas could include health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, fun, contributing to others, etc. Choose three. From those three write down three specific goals for each category. Specifics are “eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily” rather than “eat better”. Then you need to form the steps to achieve those goals. They need to be detailed, measurable, realistic, and with a timeframe that will work. As an example: There is a museum you want to see that is accessible only by a highway but that highway is too frightening to you. Get on the highway and drive to the next exit; get off; turn around; return home by the same highway. Continue this process increasing the number of exits each few days. Track your progress and celebrate each goal achieved.

Write down your goals and place them where you will see them every day. It can be electronic, post-it notes, or on a scratch pad. Don’t let anyone who might see them make you feel foolish. This is your path, not theirs.

As you complete each goal, move on to another. You can have several conclusions in your sights or you can work on them singly. It is your choice depending on your time available and motivations.

While all of this seems very simplistic, you realize that it will be difficult. You will have set backs and do-overs. The name of the game is persistence. You will not accomplish anything if you don’t start, and you can start at any time or any age.

Be sure to reflect on this journey. You can reassess as often as you want. Keep a journal and think about the developments that have changed you as a person and the goals you have, and even haven’t, achieved.

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