Latest Home Color Trends

23 May 2023

One of the best ways to give your home a facelift is with a splash of paint. It is relatively inexpensive and many people like to do it themselves. After the prep of moving everything away from the walls, placing the painter’s tape, and wiping off any dust and cobwebs, it is something in which the entire family can often participate, depending on age and physical abilities.

In choosing a color, you want to be sure it is something you can live with, unless you relish going through the entire process again. If you are going through the effort, you should certainly update your colors to the latest and greatest.


Interior designers say that retro colors are back. Think the 1970s with mustard yellow and avocado green but muted, washed-out rather than bright or bold. This avoids the “in your face” change but still gives some freshness to the room. It also allows you to experiment with complementary colors in throw pillows, art work and accent items. These smaller accessories are also easy to change out and make you feel like you are updating again.

Metalics is also one of the trends you will be seeing this year. This includes mix and match. In fact, it mirrors what is happening in fashion this year. It is no longer necessary to obsess about keeping everything in silver tones or all rose gold. Now you get to pull out some of your favorite items from the attic. This can include family “treasures” that bring retro into today in brasses or whatever your parents couldn’t stand to throw away.

Just be sure not to overdo. Keeping minimalism in mind is the best option.


If you follow any of the cooking shows, you will notice that one of the cake decorating trends is ombre. It is also very popular in hair coloring. This is a gradation of the same color from dark to light, or vice versa. It is similar to your great grandmother’s use of varigated yarn or threads in crocheting or embroidery.

You will see this more and more in spring lamps and rugs. If you have some heirloom pieces like doilies or other items, this is the time to pull them out and put them on display. You get to enjoy a piece of history as well as be right in style for 2023.

Also look toward contrasts. The juxtaposition of crisp white or deep black with the neutrals and metalics will give your rooms pizzazz. One of the favorites is indigo. This is an extremely deep blue that provides a moody accent. It is easily both feminine and masculine and will work for your interior as well as outdoor spaces. Use these contrast colors sparingly, like as lines or borders, for impact.


Speaking of lines and patterns, go for geometrics. This has been out there for the past few years and it seems as though it will be around for a bit longer. Variations on squares, circles, and other patterns provide interest and can become conversation pieces.

Coastal elements are still around. It doesn’t matter if you are in the big city, suburbs, or mountains. Using natural wood, distressed pieces, and whitewashes will bring the ocean indoors. It will be the perfect accent for the ratan chairs, reclaimed wood pieces, sisal art work, and linens.

We’ve given you many ideas. Now you need to choose one and enjoy your decorating,

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