Late Summer Decorating Ideas

27 July 2022

We’ve passed the half way point in summer and as you walk into your home you notice that all those items you put out a month or two ago are looking like they need a pick-me-up. It’s far too early for fall, but you just need a little transition here and there to perk things up.

One of the easiest changes is to swap out throw pillows. Keeping in the same color palette or a complimentary shade, pick up even a couple of new pillows for the chairs, sofa, or large ones for the floor. Still summery but can transition into autumn are patterns with birds. They are frequently darker colors but with splashes of color that will liven things along. Consider sunflowers. They still evoke thoughts of long days of sunshine but the yellows and browns will move into fall just as easily.

Similarly, put the heavy throws into the linen closet and pick up a few fresh ones in lighter weight or a more lacy design.

Change out the tablecloth or runner. If you have heirloom doilies or antimacassars, place them around. They are very old fashioned but will make a nice conversation piece.

Pull in flowers or herbs. Move pots from your window sill to the tables. Pick up some inexpensive plants at the big box stores (which may actually be on sale at this time of the year). If you are thinking about moving some outdoor plants inside, do yourself a favor. First spray them with an insecticide on the leaves, soil, and under the leaves if you can. Then let them sit in the garage for a day or so. That way you won’t be bringing in crawly and flying things with your décor.

Take a hint from department stores. Just move things around. Retailers do it to stimulate sales. Your eye will fall on something you are not expecting and register in your brain as something new or different. You can do the same thing with photos or tchotchkes.

Look around. If you find an abundance of neutral colors, add a splash to two with a bowl of fresh fruit. If you are worried about spoilage, opt for artificial. If you look around and see nothing but color, contrast it with white. Stark white vases or picture frames can make areas brighten up.

Set aside some time to create a piece of artwork. There are tutorials available that show you how easy it is to create a montage of photos or to daub paint on a canvas. The idea is to make something that is meaningful to you or your family. Include a favorite saying or advice from a loved one.

Rifle through your craft closet or look in the corners of your garage for those half finished projects. This is the time to go after them. It can give you a leg up on Christmas or just provide a needed change of pace that you can incorporate into some of the rooms of your home.

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