Interior Spring Home Maintenance

15 March 2023

Spring may actually be on the way.  There are more hours of daylight and the temperatures can actually be tolerable on occasion.  While you may be thinking about that home maintenance checklist, it is probably still too early for many of the tasks.  However, when considering the interior of your home, this is a good time to start.

Windows and Doors

On a reasonably nice day, open the windows to refresh the air in your home and exchange the stale cooking smells for something more agreeable.  At that time clean the sills and take an electrostatic duster and go over the screens.  Look for any damage that needs repair or replacement.  When you close the window or door, check for any gaps that may be allowing water or insects to invade the interior of your home.

Basement and Attic

Warmer temperatures can cause the ground around your foundation to thaw and possibly to refreeze, which can result in a shift in the soil.  This, in turn, can have the potential for cracks in the basement.  Check for any damp areas or signs of moisture.  Odd smells should be addressed immediately before there are issues with mold or other damage.

If you have a sump pump, fill the basin with enough water so that the float switch will turn on the pump motor and then remove the water from the hole.  If there is a problem, call for a repair or arrange for a replacement unit.

Similarly in the attic, look for signs of moisture or damage.  While you are there see if your insulation has compressed and if you should plan to have additional insulation added to keep your home cozy.

Check the furnace filter and replace it if necessary.  Contact a reputable HVAC company and have the unit checked including the motor, filler system, and blower.

Laundry Room

There are a number of hoses and connections on your washing machine.  Check them for cracks or leaks, which can prevent a disaster if left unrepaired.  Clean the dryer vents.  Lint can still build up even if you clean the filter every time you do a load.  Be sure the exterior of the vent is clear of any shrubbery or other obstructions.

Safety Checks

This is a good time to change the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, buy one.  Check your current device to be sure the needle is in th green zone.  Review how to use it with all appropriate members of the household.

If there are other features like a ladder for second story evacuations if necessary, make sure they are in good working order and you can even try them out to be sure.

Remodels and Upgrades

With that income tax refund check burning a hole in your pocket, now is a good time to check your budget for any remodeling or upgrades you may be considering.  Since you have just checked some of the critical elements in your home, you may be considering more energy-efficient doors or windows, skylights, and storm doors.

While the HVAC person is checking your furnace, ask about a programmable thermostat.

If a remodel is in your near future, start checking out the advantages of new appliances in terms of energy savings and convenience.

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