Interior Colors for 2023

1 March 2023

It won’t be long before the weather is mild enough to open the windows and you can get those rooms painted.  A fresh coat of color will brighten any room and is an inexpensive upgrade that most people can do themselves.  If you are still on the fence about which way to go, here are some suggestions that are coming from various sources.

From 2019 forward, we have all been in a whirl of change in our lives, work environments, and socializing.  The colors for 2023 will reflect the strength and positivity that came out of these past few years.  Each residence reflects the style and personalities of those who live there.  Decorating can range from minimalism to ornate and the color that is chosen to accent the furnishings add to the ambiance.

Warm neutrals seem to be replacing the previous gray tones.  Beiges and warmer whites will provide a good background for walls so that you can accent with pops of color that will coordinate with furniture you have already fallen in love with.

Neutrals don’t need to be blah.  Pinks, browns, and mauve can still be playful and trend away from the cooler blues and greens.  These will add a touch of elegance while still retaining the sanctuary feel that we have developed for our home space.  Warm neutrals are perfect for all of the minimalism we have experienced over the past few years.

Accent colors in the same family but bolder will liven up focus walls or accessories.  That includes chocolates, brick, and deep jade.  Also consider charcoal or a bright peacock blue.  They draw the eye to the item which can act as a conversation opener or just something you want folks to notice.  Don’t be frightened of color or a bit of surprise to make your home memorable.

Be sure to take into consideration the size of your room.  If you are already in a tight space, the wrong shade can make the room close in on itself (and you) and feel even smaller than it is.  Large rooms have a different problem since the wrong tint will make them feel cold or distant.  Look at dusty and light pinks and roses for glow and sophistication.

If these are not to your liking, consider your favorite color but in a pastel version.  A light purple, soft blue, or minty green will pair well with clay or tans.  Basically earth tones are always a good option.  Muted terracottas and even plum for wall paint will help make the wood on your furniture, cabinetry, or book shelves stand out in contrast.

Where to start?  Find an object that you are sure you want to keep after everthing is finished.  It could be a painting or a throw pillow.  Select three colors from that object and match them to the color strips in the paint department.  Choose one for the walls in the main living area and then the others can be used in adjacent rooms.  Buy tester or sample sizes and put a fairly good sized swath of paint in each proposed color on various walls and live with those colors for at least several weeks.  That will give you a chance to see it in all types of light from bright sunshine to romantic candlelight.  See which you like the best.

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