Home Remedies for Ordinary Fatigue and Aches

23 February 2022

Fatigue, aches, and some mild pain are a part of many individuals’ daily lives. In fact, it is probably part of everyone’s life on some occasions. Just because you have had a bout of insomnia, overworked at the gym, or your osteoarthritis is acting up because the weather is changing, is no reason to head to urgent care.

Instead of turning to over-the-counter pain relievers, there are some natural products and processes that you can access to make things feel better.


Muscle aches can be the result of overuse or chronic conditions like arthritis. One choice might be adding turmeric to your diet. This is a spice that is a yellowish orange color and is used in curry, mustards, and cheeses. It is often used to reduce swelling. You can pick some up in the spice aisle of your local grocery store and incorporate it in some of your dishes. You can also try a tea or a vitamin supplement in capsule form. Combining it with black pepper could help with some pain relief.

Heat alleviates the soreness in muscles by opening blood vessels. This can help with joint stiffness and tight muscles. Sometimes alternating heat and cold helps. Ice helps with inflammation and swelling found with muscle strains and sprains. The best results come when ice is applied at the onset and is used on the area for 20 minutes and off for 20 minutes.

Massage is another option especially in times of stress when muscles tighten or spasm. A professional massage may not always be available but there are also chairs or other devices that can offer some relief.


Fatigue comes from a number of sources. That can include insomnia or poor sleep, over exertion, or chronic conditions. One of the best remedies is self care. That includes good nutrition, regular exercise, proper hydration, stress release, and other healthy habits.

There are some foods and beverages that can help.

  • Coffee – This is a caffeinated beverage that will give a boost of energy. However, if you drink it later in the evening or early night, it will interfere with your sleep and you will be starting the fatigue cycle all over again.
  • Eggs – With its protein, healthy fats, and leucine, eggs help reduce fatigue and help recovering muscles.
  • Water – Sufficient hydration keeps your electrolytes in balance and will help avoid muscle cramping.

There are also some foods that can cause fatigue. Among these are:

  • Sugar loaded foods, including syrup and honey
  • Processed foods like potato chips
  • Baked goods
  • White bread
  • Beverages high in caffeine

If your fatigue or aches are constant or long term, it is a good idea to visit with your primary care team. Pain that does not respond to home treatment and persists can be the result of some underlying element or conditions. These could also be side effects of your current medication, which may need to be adjusted.

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