Home Decor Trends for Spring 2022

17 March 2022

Spring is almost here and that signals a time to spruce up the home through remodeling or updating interior spaces.


As a holdover from 2020, we are still finding the need for spaces, furniture, and décor to be multi-functional.

The idea is that while we still need our home office, a balanced approach is encouraging meeting the needs of the family and still providing a haven for relaxation and an area where we want to spend time, even if we don’t need it.  Multi-functional furniture provides the versatility for apartment living or downsizing.

  • Sofa – Sofa beds or pull outs come in many shapes and sizes. Look for two things:  upholstery and comfortable mattress.  For sofa beds and futons, the cushions double as a mattress, so it is important that you like the look as well as the feel under your tush or to sleep on.  They are generally foam that is wrapped in down or polyester fibers.  Down is softer and feels more plush but poly will give more support.

Pull out couches have a mattress that is made of foam but there are no springs so the mattress will compress when not in use.

A daybed can be used as a bench or for sleeping.  Some have a trundle that will convert a twin to a double, full-size, mattress.

  • Tables – Look for expendables. Many tables are compact but will extend to enough space for four people to eat comfortably.  Be sure the legs lock securely.  Some have sides that will fold to convert a desk top to casual dining.

Coffee tables and side tables have storage drawers and nooks that will hold lots of things and still provide the aesthetics of a living room

Throw a Curve

Rounded edges will be very popular.  That includes curved backs on chairs, rounded or waterfall corners on desks, drum tables, and ottomans.  This adds a sense of flow and softness that complements a modernist theme.  Not ready to replace furniture?  Just add some statues, an oval mirror, or vases to stay in style.

Architecturally designers are adding arched doorways and curves on countertops and bars.


There is still a strong focus on integrating energy efficiency and using materials from reclaimed and recycled products.  New fabrics and building materials are looking to ethical sources.


Neutrals are still a good choice and accent colors are trending toward greens and pinks.  Greens are thought to be a calming color and pinks give us the feeling of comfort, both of which are well received post pandemic.

A great way to incorporate these colors is through live plants.  Just be cautious if your household includes small children or pets who will want to chew on them.  If so, get some throw pillows in a floral design.  This will help carry the theme of connecting with nature and comforting aspects to our decorating.

To sum up, we are looking at functionality, comfort, and eco-friendliness.  Look toward natural and organic fabrics, vintage pieces, and alternative uses for both furniture and spaces.

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