Halloween Costumes

25 October 2023

Yes, you can certainly order a costume from an online site or choose something from the big box store where you buy groceries, have your car serviced and pick up some hardware. But if you want to stand out, using your own creativity and with a few items from your closet, grandma’s bureau, or a thrift shop, you can be the hit of the party.

  • Red dress (with polka dots is great), a ruffled apron, a paper hat, a pair of Keds sneakers, and a name tag, and you have a diner waitress. If you would prefer the male version, a white, button-down shirt, vest, bow tie, and white, paper hat.
  • Find some overalls, baggy jeans, and paint spattered shirt to be a painter. Add a cap and use a clean, empty paint can for your trick or treat bag to finish the outfit.
  • Grab some pool noodles and cut them to size and secure them together with duct tape. Use a pair of suspenders over your shoulders to hold them to the front of your body, like a backpack but in front. Cut some felt toppers to add to the top of the noodles…asparagus! It might take a little experimentation to get the right look, but you will be unique.
  • Carefully attach inflated balloons, white and various shades of pink or blue should work, to regular clothes. Then you can tell everyone you are a bubble bath. Just don’t be surprised if some jerk decides it would be funny to burst your costume to pieces.
  • Dress all in green and cut pieces of white pipe cleaners bent into a “V,” or use yarn. Add a couple of red flowers on the top of your head and you can be a cactus.

Puns are always a big hit. Just be prepared to explain it to a lot of people who aren’t as clever as you are.

  • Hot glue a small can or bag of potato chips to your shoulder – Chip on your Shoulder.
  • Dress all in black and attach white, felt strips down the center of your body to create what looks like a road way with a dividing line. Tape a plastic fork somewhere in the center – A Fork in the Road. Even better if you sport a beer belly or are pregnant, eliminate the fork and go as a Bump in the Road.
  • You know those candies called Smarties? Hot glue them over some old slacks (that you are ready to throw out anyway) and you will be a – Smarty Pants. Just don’t put them on your posterior or you will have to stand the entire night.
  • Find some bunny ears left over from Easter. Dress in a drab color and then form tulle (a fabric, ask at a sewing shop, probably in the wedding section) in various shades of gray. Affix them to your shirt – Dust Bunny.
  • Create a tee shirt that says “Blessing” and then put on those funny glasses with mustache and big nose and you can be a very easy – Blessing in Disguise. You could also put on a trench coat but don’t get mistaken for a flasher.
  • Wear a full slip over whatever you want. Attach pieces of cloth with words or phrases from Sigmund Freud, like “dream analysis,” “id,” “ego,” etc. to become – a Freudian Slip. If you are not a psych major, you can easily find a list by using a search engine.
  • Find some old gardening clothes, gloves, and other gear. Put on a wild wig and fake beard – Harry (hairy) Potter. Use a flower pot to hold your trick or treat loot.
  • Especially if you work with numbers all day, wear a bright orange shirt and cut out the Greek letter Pi – Instant Pumpkin Pie.
  • Remember that bridesmaid’s dress hanging in the closet? Or perhaps you have a tux, or better yet formal tails, that you don’t get enough use out of. Create a sash that says “apology” and you have become – Formal Apology.

This should give you a good start on a creative and unique outfit for the big night.

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