Fun Things to Do in March

9 March 2022

Spring is on its way but not here quite yet.  Still there are lots of fun family adventures to be had that are appropriate for the month of March.

March 2 is Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Even the tweens and teens probably have their favorite book.  Have each person choose a book and give it a read aloud.  Serve green eggs (food coloring) and ham for dinner.

The Academy Awards is held in March.  Dress up in your fanciest outfits and watch in style.  Instead of dinner prepare trays of hors d’oeuves and serve mocktails.  You could also just make a meal out of popcorn or Raisinettes.  Comment on all the stars and their outfits, cast your own votes, and enjoy the glitz and glamour.  Over the month rent the movies that won or that interested you or download classics.

March Madness is about to descend upon us, as it does every year.  Shoot some hoops; don’t worry about scores, just see what you can do to make some laughs.  If you home school your kids, have them pick out a college that is in the line up and then research and have them report on the institution.  Include whether they child would, or would not, want to attend there.

There are kits you can order to watch the life cycle of a butterfly.  Go from caterpillar (larva) to pupa (chrysalis) and then emerge as a butterfly.

It is almost tulip time.  Visit a nursery to see what they have growing and maybe take home a potted plant.

st patricks day

Let’s not overlook the biggie:  St. Patrick’s Day.  There are a lot of things to do.  If there is no parade planned, put together your own.  If the weather is decent, take a walk through a park or the grounds of one of the local gardens like Cornell Botanical Gardens or the Sonnenberg.  If it is snowy, put on your cross country skis and meander through Bear Swamp State Forest, Highland Forest, or Cumming Nature Center.  If things are really bad, wear green and parade through the house singing any Irish song you can think of.

Pi Day is March 14.  Order a pizza and bake the family’s favorite dessert pie.  Even if you are solo, keep a list of as many different types of pie you can think of.  It is a good mind exercise for mature adults.   Watch The Life of Pi, A Beautiful Mind, and/or reruns of Big Bang Theory.  Coincidentally this is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Turn the Ides of March into a celebration.  Romans loved wine, so check out some of the special suggestions at any of the local wineries like Fox Run, Ventosa, or Buttonwood.  Ask their opinion about a tasty potable that will complement your dinner and how it can be used in cooking that meal.  The tv chefs say to cook with the same wine you like to drink, so order extra bottles…just in case.

If you are just looking for an excuse to shake off the winter doldrums and be out and around other people, find some volunteer activities.  Check with local food kitchens, animal havens, or libraries.  It may take a few phone calls, but you can probably find something that fits your schedule and suits your interests.

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