Father’s Day Gift Ideas

15 June 2022

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated Mother’s Day.  Moms like sentimental and romantic gifts.  But Dad…you can’t go too wrong with gadgets.  Boys and their Toys!

Somebody is going to take a poll of almost anything and for Father’s Day and one survey says that most men prefer a simple card and quality time with his family.  But if you want to give something more, read on.

Start by identifying his passion.  It could be some sport, cooking or grilling, electronics, mechanics, or something very unique to his personality.  Whatever it is there is probably some gizmo that will make him smile.

chef hat

For the griller, cook, or wannabe, find a chef’s hat and/or apron with a snappy saying.  Buy a plain apron and have the kids do hand prints or write messages. There are now wireless meat thermometers that are practical and fun.  Grills come in all sizes including an indoor/outdoor version.  This is easily portable so can go from the patio to indoors when the weather turns rainy.  They are available in either charcoal or natural gas.

Replace that beat up tool box with a modern tool bag.  Choose one made of polyester, polypropylene, nylon or canvas.  Go upscale with good leather.  The sturdier the better.  If he is not ready to give up “old faithful,” he can use the new model to stock for the small jobs around the house so he doesn’t have to tote the entire tool box, just those items he will need for the repair.

For someone who doesn’t mind imbibing on occasion, you can enroll him in a regular delivery of craft beers.  If he is more hands on and prefers something a bit stronger, look into a whiskey making kit.  It comes with everything you can imagine including a barrel and cleaning kit.

Ninja produces a coffee maker that brews in nine sizes from a small cup to a carafe.  It also works with the single-serving cups.  Add some gourmet coffee choices or specialty creamers and you have a great gift.

If golf is his game, there is a nice mini putting green on the market.

For the semi-techie, there is a smartphone case that can withstand the water up to 100 feet deep.  Also available is a stand for his tablet that will straddle his lap to sit comfortably on the sofa or bed.  The legs are flexible so it is easy to store when not in use.

Larger than a Swiss Army knife is a multi-tool available through Amazon.  It has a hammer, pliers, and other items that just fits in the palm of his hand.

For the avid gardener and also through Amazon is a hose reel.  It comes with 80 feet of hose and a sprayer that has nine different settings.  The best part is it is automatic rewind.  For small kids, have them make plant markers using popsicle sticks or tongue depressors.  Be sure to coat them with a waterproof varnish before inserting them into the soil.

The bottom line is that with a little thought and a lot of love you are sure to come up with the right gift for dear old Dad, Gramps, or other father figure in your life.

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