Fall 2023 Decor Ideas

11 October 2023

Just before scheduling all those holiday parties, it may be time to give your place a little face lift.  There are any number of ways to jazz up your place without spending too much money, saving your budget to throw a glam party or two in the near future.


Neutrals are always a good place to start.  That gives you a comfortable background to enhance as you want.  Warm, earth tones like sand, terracotta, and oatmeal are wonderful for the fall and winter to provide a cozy feel.

Another choice with a bit of extra color would be olives and moss.  Greens connote serenity and comfort and are a classic choice.  It also makes things feel a little more like summer is still around, or just around the corner.

If you are trying for a bolder look, go with mustards and berries.

If you match the ceiling color to the walls, you will create an ambiance everyone will enjoy.  A similar option is to keep in the same color family but just a darker shade of the same hue on the ceiling.  This will help achieve the sense of a lowered ceiling and a more intimate feeling.


Natural light is one of the critical elements as the daylight hours are fewer.  They also pull a bit of nature into our lives.  Using color in your window treatments is a good way to enhance your space since the light will filter through the fabric and appear bolder.  Using long drapes will warm up a chilly area and can be a key to your new look.

Wood Tones

If you are working on floors or cabinetry, you should be aware that natural finishes are back in vogue.  Similar to the trend of earth tones, rich walnuts and oaks settle the room and are a nice alternative to the gray colors that are beginning to fade in popularity.  If gray is what you have, however, obey your budget and simply accent your areas with side tables, chairs, bar stools, and picture frames.  Don’t discount the small items like a good, attractive cutting board or new wooden spoons in the kitchen.

Accent Pieces

For a relatively small price, you can change the feel of a room or whole house with just art work, soft items like throw pillows and afghans, or floral arrangements in dried grasses.  You can either continue the idea of earth tones, or create the pop of color without resorting to a full paint job.

Use woven elements like baskets, natural fiber rugs, or a new lamp shade for your pendant light.  Textures like plush velvet or textured linens, chunky cotton, leather and other items will add the weight of a new season and ground your room for the coming colder months.

Using bolder colors, patterns and incorporating central motifs will make a huge difference without breaking the bank.  Abstracts are also a good choice.  Just remember consistency and flow.  It can be as simple as keeping the stems the same in your tablescapes.  If you are going for the green tones, think eucalyptus.  If you went with the reds and orange, look at gourds and wreaths.

Decorating trends are always on the move, so don’t worry so much about sticking to a single style.  The important thing is that your surroundings reflect who you are and your own unique view on the world.

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