Easy Enhancements to your Landscape

14 July 2021

The Independence Day holiday is over and you feel like you need a new project but it hot and you don’t want to put forth too much effort. Still it would be nice to spruce up the outdoors a little bit. Here are some simple ideas about how to make your landscaping more inviting.outdoor rug

Refresh your patio look with an outdoor rug. Change the feel from ordinary cement with some color and texture of a waterproof outdoor carpet. If the patio is showing some signs of wear, a large outdoor rug will hide damage and delay the repair work until the weather is more accommodating. These rugs can withstand a lot of traffic including active children and pets. Be sure to choose one that is mold and mildew resistant. They come in lots of designs, textures, and shapes to match the décor you have already started. There are options made from polypropylene but still look very natural and chic.

Small changes in lighting can easily change the mood. If you already have an outdoor grilling or cooking area, think about adding a string of lights under the counter workspace. You can also add some recessed lighting in the overhead area, under the rail deck, or deck cap lights. LED and solar powered versions are available at home improvement stores. For something quick and easy go for battery-operated lanterns. Since they are portable, you can use them where you want.

outdoor furniture

Repurpose some underutilized areas by moving furniture. Take that nook under the tree and add a comfortable chair or bench, some pillows and blankets and a small table and you now have a space for meditation. Hook up a screen and projector and designate a movie night. Really get in the spirit with dinner or snacks in the same theme. Shop for end of summer bargains like a hammock. If you don’t have sturdy trees, many come with stands.

Take a look at your potted plants. If they look overcrowded, carefully repot into some of the extra containers you have hanging around. Just use some caution. In the middle of summer plants can be stressed from the excess heat so deal with them delicately. Always be sure your pots are thoroughly clean and you use fresh potting soil. Otherwise, you run the risk of an unwanted fungus or other disease in your new pot.

Don’t overlook curb appeal. Simply replacing or adding luminaries along the driveway and paths will showcase your home at night and make it easier for guests getting to and from their vehicles.

There are a number of almost insignificant tasks that can make things look just a bit neater.

  • Power wash walks and driveway
  • Hose holder to conceal the garden hose and prevent tripping or children deciding to water fight.
  • Use patio furniture covers so you won’t need to clean the chairs or cushions before guests come.
  • Pick up extra citronella candles so you always have enough available.
  • Invest in an outdoor storage box where you can stash your magazines or other items that you use frequently but not necessarily for company.
  • Make sure you have designated recycling and trash containers to make clean up easy.
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