Dog Bathing Tips

27 January 2022

Regular bathing of your pooch will ensure hygiene but can also improve his or her health. Canines secrete a waxy substance that will adhere to the coat and skin, which produces an unpleasant odor. Compound this with rolling around in the dirt and grass and bacteria can be produced, which is not a good thing. In addition, bathing prevents external parasites and skin diseases as well as promotes good blood circulation and metabolism. Without regular washing, your dog can become ill, not to mention bringing these odors and parasites into your home.

Breeds that have shorter coats and fewer secretions won’t need to be bathed more that once or twice a month. However, those with long hair would require more frequent bathing. Warmer temperatures also means more baths than in the winter with its lower humidity. Also dogs that are more active, especially outdoors, should be bathed more often.

It is not necessarily how often you bathe your dog, but the quality of the bath you provide.

  • Start by giving the dog’s coat a good comb. The water from the bath will only make it more tangled. Long haired dogs need a good brushing anyway. Hold the hair near the skin to reduce the amount of tugging on the dog’s body.
  • Coax or place your dog in the tub or wash station. Treats usually do the trick.
  • Keep the bath water tepid…not too hot and not too cold.
  • Use a shampoo that is designed for use on dogs. Don’t substitute human shampoo. Dilute the doggie shampoo with water and put it in a squeeze bottle or other dispenser for easier use.

dog bathing tips

  • Prevent the shampoo from running into the dog’s eyes or ears. Rinse promptly or the soap will begin to irritate the skin. Then you will need to deal with dermatitis.
  • Make it as much fun as possible, using your hands to give the dog a nice massage. Speak to your dog in a happy voice.
  • Pay special attention to areas that don’t normally get groomed like around the mouth, behind the ears, inner thighs, and toe tips.
  • If possible, wash your dog twice. The second round will get to the skin and remove any remaining dirt or oil in the hair.
  • Rinse well so that all the shampoo is gone.
  • After washing, dry your pet immediately with a hair dryer or fluffy dry towel. Don’t just leave him or her to dry in the sun.

Probably the most challenging parts is washing your dog’s face. Save this part for the end and use a wash cloth dipped in the soapy water. Follow with a clean wash cloth wet with clean water. Even if you are using a puppy shampoo, the soap can irritate the dog’s eyes.

If you have a water loving dog breed like golden retrievers, you are in luck. However, not all dogs will appreciate your service to them. Give a lot of positive reinforcement and treats. It also works better with a partner to hold the dog while the other shampoos and rinses. If at all possible, start the ritual when your pet is a puppy.

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