Decorating for Thanksgiving

9 November 2022

Whether you are hosting family, a Friendsgiving, or just sitting at the table with a turkey sandwich, it is a nice idea to make your home feel more like the season.

It may not take much.  Add bright leaves or a branch with berries to an already existing vase or other table decoration.  Add candles in colors like rust, mustard, burgundy, plum, and dark green.  Put together some wild grasses, dried flowers, mini corn, and eucalyptus on a basic wreath and you are ready.  Some wheat stalks and mandarin oranges can be combined for an autumnal theme.

Table Settings

Make your own napkin rings using twine and fresh cranberries.

Don’t feel that you need to have fine china, nor do you need to resort to paper plates.  Shop the thrift stores for pieces you may need.  Mix and match as long as there is some continuity in design or color.  This goes for serving pieces as well.

Set up a dessert bar so that your guests can help themselves as they graze through the afternoon or evening.  Use baskets, bowls, and platters.  Find some nice cake stands of different sizes and heights.  As your invitees bring in their own contribution of pies or tarts, they will have their own special place to display.  Once the celebration for this event is over, repurpose them with Christmas decorations for the next six weeks.

Room Decor

Swapping out throw pillows is an easy way to brighten and add some new interest to any room, including a great room, den, living room, or guest quarters.  If you are running out of storage area for the unused pillows, just make new covers for the pillows you already have.  Some fabric, three seams and closures and you are done.  Select rich, brocade-like fabrics or sturdy cotton.  Unless you are particularly good at sewing, avoid having to match patterns.  You can also combine a solid and print on opposite sides of the pillow for fun.

Extra throws and blankets add a cozy touch.  They can also double as a warming agent for those snowbirds that may be visiting for the holidays.  Just keep Gramma’s prize quilt safe, especially if there are infants or small children moving from room to room.  Heirlooms and juice boxes seldom mix.

If you have a mantle, floating shelf, or bookcase, include some amber glass and votive candles.  Pair vintage and contemporary shapes and styles and include some cute pumpkin storage jars for an accent piece.


A wreath is always a welcoming greeting for your front door.  However, don’t discount other choices.  A chalkboard makes a creative alternative and it can be adjusted for the seasons and occasions.  Use your summer watering can or buckets that have been weighted down with sand in the bottom (so the wind won’t destroy your display) and include corn stalks, wheat, or artificial flowers.  The sand also holds the pieces in place instead of florist media.

Pick up an inexpensive picture frame and repaint it for the fall.  Use some burlap and miniature pumpkins hot glued or held tight with wire.  You can also go with pine cones or evergreen boughs.  Add some twigs and you are set for the fall.  For Christmas, add some ornaments or colorful balls.

As you can tell, it doesn’t take a lot of money to make your home unique for entertaining; just a little imagination.


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