Closet Organizing

20 April 2022

The seasons are changing and you are getting ready to shift your wardrobe from winter to lighter and brighter outfits. Plus, you would sure like to buy a few new things. As you are looking through the closet, if you are finding more mess that neat, it may be time for an overhaul.

If you are like most people, you closet could use some organization. Looking for that other shoe, or searching for the shirt that goes with the pants but it is missing, or other issues, is not only wasting time and frustrating, it may be a sign to to schedule a day for organization. A tidy and organized closet makes the morning easier and reduces stress.

It is also important to go through your closet periodically to evaluate what you have and what you don’t need. It helps reduce clutter and help you decide what can or should go to charity and what is reasonable to keep. It helps you find any gaps in your wardrobe and to get rid of those mistakes that seemed so good at the time. It also allows you to decide whether some storage solutions are in order.

Besides, it is cathartic to reorganize and refresh your closet. It is likely that you will take better care of your things and have fewer things go missing or heaped on the floor.

Before you start, make sure you have the correct “tools” at hand. Sturdy bags or bins to take items to the donation center, the dry cleaner, or to pitch. A tape measure and notebook to record the closet’s measurements and existing shelving and hanging space, especially if you intend to add some shelving or other storage pieces. A full-length mirror to decide between keeping and not. A basket or bin for those items you find lurking in pockets, like paperclips, used tissues, receipts, and loose change.

closet organizer

Take everything out of the closet. If possible do a gross sort between clothing shoes, extra hangers, bins and anything on the floor or shelves. Dust and vacuum.

Start with clothing. Focus on items you definitely want to keep. Hold on to anything you wear often or love. Trust your gut and don’t just get rid of something because you think you should. If it has sentimental value, keep it. Start a “maybe” pile that you can revisit at the end of the project. There may be items you would like to sell, either online or through a consignment shop. Just like the items you donate, they should be in good shape without stains, tears, or moth holes.

As you return items to the closet, work by type. Hang all the shirts in the same place and decide how best to categorize them, i.e. long-sleeved, by color, fabric, etc. Whatever will make the most sense to you. Keep the things you wear the most toward the forefront. Keep the party clothes a bit further back from those items you wear to work or meetings. Keep accessories like belts or scarves apart from clothing items.

Unless you are planning to take out some wall space, you probably won’t be able to actually enlarge your closet area. However, some organizers or storage solutions can help. A double hang will increase the space on the horizontal rods and a step stool will give you access to high shelves. Before you go out and buy some closet system, review the exact measurements you took in the first step. Baskets, cubbies, over-the-door racks, and book shelves may be the answer and far less expensive.

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