Baby’s Room on a Budget

13 September 2022

Outfitting a baby’s nursery can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be a challenge if you are on a tight budget. Here are a few things to consider.


It is tempting to invest in all of the accessories for a crib. Actually bumpers, pillows, and blankets can pose a risk of suffocation. Check with solid resources like the American Academy of Pediatrics. Consider just a mattress that fits well, a thin but waterproof matress cover, and several sheets. If you keep your rooms cool at night, you might want to add an approved swaddle wrap and/or sleep sack.

Changing Table

Babies grow fast…really fast. You need to determine how long you will be using a changing table before the little one is too big for it.

What you really need is a solid surface, a washable changing mat, diapers, and other items like wipes. An extra diaper bag with easily accessible pockets and you can give the baby a nice change almost anywhere. Or, you can have a small stack of open shelving or bins to hold the lotions and other supplies.

If you really want to invest in a piece of furniture, choose a dresser with protective borders on its top. It provides the top you need but with all the drawers, it gives you additional storage.


You start with a crib and then move to a big kid bed and eventually to a full-sized or twin that can see him or her to adulthood. Instead shop for a convertible bed that has all the parts to go through the years. Okay, it will be significantly more expensive than just a crib, but it is a one-time purchase. Be sure that all of the hardware and pieces are included and whether or not there is an extra charge. It is better to have all the pieces at the time you buy the convertible crib to bed than to risk that they will be out of production when the time comes to move up a size.


While it is nice to have everything matching and in the same theme, if money is tight, is it really necessary to have that luxury? Instead create a cohesive look through your color scheme. Change out drawer pulls from pieces you had lying around or found at a second-hand store. Eclectic is perfectly acceptable. Also, don’t discount mimimalism. It is very popular and is an acceptable comeback to critics.

Check out washi tape, which is a low adhesive type of product. It is often used with paper crafting because it can be repositioned easily. It comes in solid colors or designs. Use it for accents on walls or lamps.

Instead of paint, get painter’s tape in different widths and colors and stripe your room. It may take some patience to get the lines straight, but this product removes easily and leaves no marks.

Keep the room in neutral colors but add some non-slip throw rugs for splashes of color on the floor.

Team up with a senior adult who enjoys crocheting, needlepoint, or other crafts. Find something to trade off like an occasional casserole, or errands, or just companionship.

Creativity goes a long way if you allow it.


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