Autumn Interior Decorating

17 November 2021

Autumnal decorations in your home can be a little trickier than you think. The season is short because it quickly turns into Thanksgiving and soon after into Christmas, Hanukkah, or other celebrations. You want to add some flair without overspending and still create something that will transition into the next holiday event.

One approach is to create a single focal point, which can be as simple as a dishtowel for the kitchen that you found at the dollar store or switching out throw pillows. Use natural elements like pine cones, bare branches, or sprays of berries, many of which you can find lying around on the ground. If these items are not in your own yard, ask permission first. Fighting a trespassing charge can ruin your autumn celebrations.

If you are crafty, make a topiary. Start with a Styrofoam cone and hot glue pine cones, large seeds, acorns, and walnuts. Select some brightly colored leaves. Rub the front and back of the leaves with a good moisturizer which will help preserve the color and prevent curling. Add them to your display.

Another helpful hint is to spray these outdoor items with an insecticide or at least a hard spray of water and leave them in the garage for a day or so. If there are any creepy crawlies, they will disappear before you bring these items into your nice warm house where they would love to multiply. That is especially important with pine cones that have all those crevices where little things like to live.

fall interior design

Incorporate a bowl of seasonal fruit (real or artificial) like apples and pears, specially scented candles, or just a couple of theme items on the shelf in place of a summer photo of the family.

Pumpkins are still popular but that Halloween carving won’t do. Invest in some wooden pumpkins that can be used from year to year. Using a tiered serving plate, arrange these faux pumpkins, squashes, leaves and nuts. It won’t take much time and will be a charming centerpiece or coffee table accent.

Soften a large candle by using a hairdryer around the exterior. Press some of those colored leaves into the softened wax.

Use very tall vases, an umbrella stand, or other deep containers to hold stalks from decorative reed grasses, corn stalks, or branches. Just be sure the items are proportionate to the container.

If you are not into arts and crafts but still want to be in line with the season, shop thrift stores. With people cleaning closets and dealing with parents’ stores of items, you are likely to find something very nice but very inexpensive.

If you keep your main pieces to white or other neutral colors, you can make your pieces do double duty. Re-spray the leaves in gold or silver, substitute ornaments for pumpkins, and add some holly and voila! You are ready for a new season of cheer.

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