Adding Fun to Daily Activities

2 March 2022

Everybody needs fun in their lives. This is just as important for adults as it is for kids.

Go for Grins
Some researchers say that as we age we laugh less. You can change that. Find something that tickles your funny bone and go for it. Laughter lowers stress, increases lung capacity, and can strengthen the immune system. There are lots of things available online including memes, retro television shows, stand-up routines, and old movies.

Switch Things Up
At least occasionally, change up your usual routine. It can be as simple as taking a few blocks out of your way to go to work, taking your morning walk starting the opposite direction, shop at a different grocery store. You may find that your brain is working a little sharper just because it is using different cells.

Connect With Others
Many areas have community centers that offer courses. Find a neighbor or acquaintance to go along to double the fun and find someone you can crack jokes with. Fitness sessions improve your sense of well being and even mildly creative tasks (like learning to knit) stimulates different parts of the brain. Don’t overlook churches. You may not be interested in worshiping there, but many offer their facilities to groups and you may find something you are interested in. Check with your local library to see if they can direct you to a book club that deals in your favorite genre. If not, see if they can help you start your own. The library usually has meeting rooms for free and an emailing list.

You hear this term bantered about recently. It can be as in depth as meditation or as simple as stopping to enjoy your surroundings. Using as many senses as possible you can absorb what is happening including fresh air, people talking, or the sunlight coming through a window.

Adding Fun to Daily Activities

What is stopping you? Well, the most common excuse is that you are worried about what people will think. Remember that there are appropriate and inappropriate ways of doing almost anything. As long as you are acting within normal parameters, you should be okay. If you think your family is about ready to schedule a Commitment Hearing, you may want to moderate your behavior.

The second issue is money. As mentioned earlier, the library is an excellent source of ideas and is one of the most underutilized resources in our community. Older Americans can turn to the county’s Area Agency on Aging that helps facilitate resources including transportation, fitness and nutrition.

Another complaint is time. Re-read the section on mindfulness. That can take only a few minutes of your day. Try to be spontaneous and just see the humor and fun that is around us. Conditions may not be perfect, but you can still carve out what you need to make your day more enjoyable.

In short, none of this needs to be a grand gesture. Making small changes can affect your attitude and mood and prevent boredom. Keeping alert for opportunities is one way to find more joy in everyday life.

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