Planning a Super Bowl Party

1 February 2023

Super bowl means football, fun, food, and friends.  All of this adds up to a party at your place.

Have your guest list in hand and issue the invites.  This can be oral, texts, emails, or using a site like Evite.  Be sure you have at least the basic details like whether you will provide all the food and drink or whether it will be pot luck, snacks to share, or bring your own beverage.  Especially include whether it is adults only or if children are welcome.

Plan your furniture arrangement.  Remember traffic patterns, tables, access to the bathroom and food.  Some people will prefer to stand or wander around but others will want to be up close and personal.  Not everyone will be laser focused on the game, so have some ancillary space for chit chat or breaks.  If children are part of the game plan, you might want to designate a room for them to play their own games or have an outdoor area where they can cavort safely with minimal supervision.

Commercials are a highlight of the event.  If you want, provide forms to vote for the favorites.  You can even create categories like tech, beer, etc.

Likewise half time entertainment is either a preference or not.  Depending on your circumstances and the weather, plan on a pick-up game outdoors.


When issuing your invite, be specific if you expect, want, or don’t want people to bring a dish to share.  Even if you want to do all the food yourself, don’t get upset because someone contributes to the feed.  Often people just want to help or they have specific food preferences or allergies and want to be sure they have something they can consume.  Just don’t be surprised and allow for your tablescape to be altered.  If you do want a pot luck soiree, then you need to decide if you are going to assign a food group to the individual or family, allow them to sign up in advance, or leave it all to chance.


Dressing comfortably is a must but that can mean different things to different people.  You know your family and friends and if they need a little guidance, it would probably be appreciated in the long run.  Team jerseys or colors are always a good option.

Arriving and Departing

It is likely that not all your guests will arrive at the same time and some may leave early.  Super Bowl parties are popular and some people may have been invited to several.


You may wish to ask for a response with number of people attending, so that you can be sure you have enough food on hand.  Or you can ask for a call or text only if they won’t be able to make it.  This can also be helpful if you are giving out party favors.  You can even designate a party MVP if you like.  Temporary tattoos are always fun.

Clean Up

Make the worst part of the day easier by placing trash bags and recycle bins in several areas.  Keep the food table tidied up as you go.  If ANYONE asks if they can help, take it.

Super Bowls only come once a year, but you can make the most of it with just a little pre-planning.

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