July Celebrations

26 June 2024

July is the midway point in the year. In most instances school is out and it seems to be one of the busiest times for travel especially vacations. There are lots of celebrations this month, the most important for us in the United States is our Independence Day on July 4th.

July 1 – International Joke Day. Give your “dad jokes” an outing.

July 4 – For us or (U.S., if you prefer), the biggie. Lots of parties, food, games, celebrations, and, of course, fireworks.

July 6 – International Kissing Day. Pass it on.

July 8 – Liberty Bell Day. This is when the bell in Philadelphia was rung after the public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Take a road trip and see the bell with its crack and all. Worth the drive.

July 10 – Teddy Bear Picnic Day. The Teddy Bears Picnic song was written in 1907 and is still popular today. If you have toddlers, it is a good opportunity to haul out our stuffed friends and play. Afterwards, you may need to tap into the National Pina Colada Day. Combine pineapple juice (pina) and coconut (colada) for the basics. Add a splash of rum to make it an adult beverage. There are lots of recipes out there.

July 11 – Remembering the founding of the U. S. Marine Corps, although the actual date is November 10. Semper Fi!

July 16 and 17 – From sundown on Wednesday through Thursday evening, Ashura, an Islamic holiday, is celebrated. It is a day of gratitude remembering when Allah directed Moses to save his people from the Pharaoh with the parting of the Red Sea.

July 18 – Nelson Mandela International Day. If you don’t know much about this remarkable man, what he suffered, and what he accomplished, it is a good time to use your search engine or check out a book or two from the library.

July 21 – The full moon is called Buck Moon. That is the time of year when male deer, bucks, have antlers that are at their peak.

July 22 – Spoonerism Day. That is the confusion of sounds or letters. Like a “mook bark” instead of book mark. Sometimes it is intentional as a joke, but otherwise is is when the brain’s speech center glitches. It was coined after William Archibald Spooner who had a habit of mispronouncing words. Spoonerism is different from malapropism which is mixing up words like using “concentrated” instead of “consecrated”. Break out the Shel Silverstein book, Runny Babbit, A Billy Sook. You can pick up a paperback copy very inexpensively and enjoy all the tongue twisting.

July 24 – National Cousins Day.

July 31 – Harry Potter’s Birthday Day. Take a ride on a train to celebrate or cast a spell or two just for fun.

The month as a whole also celebrates some interesting things. Like, American Artist Appreciation, Family Fun, Family Reunion, National Cell Phone Courtesy, Culinary Arts, Grilling month, Purposeful Parenting, Anti-Boredom.

Culinary observances include Family Meal Month, Baked Beans, Blueberry, Culinary Arts, Grilling, Horseradish, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, Peach, Picnic.

These should give you lots of themes for parties or dinners or to answer the child’s plea of “I’m bored. There is nothing to do.”

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