french food

23July 2024

Pseudo French Food

The summer Olympics will be held in Paris and the opening ceremonies will be held...

color orange

23July 2024

Color Orange

Next on the rainbow is orange, a secondary color formed by combining red and yellow....

stop overthinking

23July 2024

Stop Overthinking

Thoughts just keep rolling around in your brain. Maybe it is an issue at work...

summer, insect

17July 2024

Summer Weather and Insects

Ugh! Summer means bugs! Insects are cold blooded (poikilothermic), which means that temperature and moisture...

travel, healthy, snacks

17July 2024

Healthy Travel Snacks

Who doesn’t like a good road trip? Summer seems to bring out the traveler in...

healthy skin, diet, health

17July 2024

Diet and Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Yep. Just like the brain or...

bastille day menu

10July 2024

Bastille Day Menu

July 14 is the rememberance of the French people who decided to depose the aristocracy...

dining out

10July 2024

Dining Out Healthy Choices

It is summer and that means travel for many families. It also includes lots of...

watering plants

10July 2024

On Vacation and Watering Houseplants

Vacations are great but there always seems so much prep in advance. Not just packing...

lemon, recipes

3July 2024


Everyone can recognize a lemon. However, most people don’t realize how good they are for...

eye floaters

3July 2024

Eye Floaters

The adult aging process can include many phases, some of which are innocuous. One of...

sleeping, summer. hot weather

3July 2024

Sleeping During Hot Weather

It’s summer and although you are running the air conditioning, the house just seems to...

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